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Tips for Starting Your #RetailCareer

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Recently on social, we’ve been talking about how #WomenInspire, as well as tips for graduates to get started on your #retailcareer. So, we thought we’d put the two together.

We asked some of the leaders across our company who inspire us every day for their tips for young women looking to start their careers in fashion. Here’s what they had to say (and where you can go for more info.)

Think of yourself as a brand. Realize that everything you do either adds to, or distracts from your brand. If your goal is to be a leader someday, understand that your actions today will aid your credibility in a future role.Susan Goss Brown, VP, Banana Republic.

Be genuine and authentic to who you are and think about and invest in your personal “brand” – In how you show up, your work ethic and in your leadership. Your reputation is important and something that you have a responsibility to maintain. – Nicole Ghezali, VP, Banana Republic

Here are some more tips on building your brand. (Or, here.)

Show interest in what other people do, be curious and ask questions. Finding the connections point between someone else’s responsibilities and yours helps align goals and engenders collaboration. Connections to others and their work can lead to all kinds of great things. – Amy Solliday, VP, Old Navy

If you’re a manager, read more on building collaborative teams at work.

Read up on the fashion industry, not just the creative aspects but also the financial aspects, of it - for example by subscribing to the "Business of Fashion", the "Robin Report" or "WWD".

Seek a mentor who has been successful in business and is willing to coach you. They don't have to be in fashion, but they should be a good role model of what you aspire to be in business. – Michelle Banks, EVP and General Counsel

Learn more on finding and keeping awesome mentors.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept that you can’t have perfection in every aspect of your life. Stay focused on the things that are most critical and get them done superbly. – Sabrina Simmons, CFO (You can read more from Sabrina about how #WomenInspire at Gap Inc. here.)