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Where you work is as important as the money you make

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When Vanity Fair asked to photograph employees benefitting from Gap Inc.’s U.S. minimum hourly rate increase, they had a vision – everyone wearing iconic looks from Gap Inc. brands. White oxfords, white dresses, white tees.

Because the first rate increase is going into paychecks this month, we thought it would be cool for everyone to rock this iconic look across our company. If you saw employees in our stores wearing white over the weekend, this is why.

In that spirit, managers from our Roseville, CA stores talked last week about what this rate increase means for them, their employees, and their families. Here’s what they had to say.

On the increase:

“After learning about the increase, one employee said ‘This is going to change my life.’ We took a minute to explain why we’re doing this. We said, ‘Your job isn’t easy – it’s a lot more than folding clothes, and it’s a lot more than running a cash wrap. You’re bringing your passion and your energy, and we want to appreciate you for that.’” – Nick Giroux, general manager, Old Navy

On recruiting great talent:

“In our last group interview, we had six people, and we hired four. I think that has a lot to do with the company. I would say that the quality of candidates is so much better. We are all fighting for the same candidates; it’s going to be so great for us.” – Lesley Key, general manager, Banana Republic

On employee volunteering:

“We have Camp Old Navy every year, where we partner with the Boys & Girls Club. We do mock interviews with them, and put them in sales situations. It’s a great opportunity for a lot of young people. Last year, we had one young girl who seemed uncomfortable and must have felt like she didn’t fit in -- until one of the other employees came in and was able to relate to her. This young girl just locked onto our employee, and became more comfortable. We got a call later from the Boys & Girls Club saying, ‘Thank you for showing this girl that there’s a place for a kid like her.’” – Nick Giroux, manager, Old Navy

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