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Athleta & Mudderella Help Women ‘Own Their Strong’

Company, ValuesAndrea Hicklin, Gap Inc. blogger2 Comments

Most people have heard of Tough Mudder - the hardcore obstacle course challenge designed to test “strength, stamina, and mental grit.” And “mental” isn’t the only grit involved. The 10-12 mile obstacle courses are filled with mud, mud and more mud, not to mention an electrical shock or two.

For me, the prospect of participating in one of these obstacles has always seemed daunting, especially when a big group of mostly male friends invite me by saying, “Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you!” (Yeah, right).

But that was before I heard about Mudderella. Sponsored by Athleta, the event, happening throughout the year, is designed by women, for women, and aims to help participants “own their strong,” which is the company motto. According Cristina DeVito, Mudderella’s CEO, the company wanted to create an event that really reminded women of the strength they have. 

“It’s about that empowerment, strength, fun, do-this-with-your-girlfriends message,” she said.

That message aligns perfectly with Athleta’s motto: “Power to the She.”

“’Power to the She’ is about inspiring today’s health and fitness-conscious woman and serving up new challenges for her,” said Tess Roering, VP of Marketing and Creative for Athleta. “Mudderella is a unique, heart-pumping way for women to try something different and tackle a new fitness goal with the support of other amazing women.”

Courses are five to seven miles long with 12 to 15 obstacles, including Athleta’s “Hat Trick,” where participants have to climb a rope wall, slide down a giant slide into a pit of mud and swim their way out.

Each obstacle is designed to test an individual’s strength, balance, agility, and overall body fitness, but it’s a race any woman can do because it’s also about working with your friends. The obstacles are team based, so you can do them with a partner or with your team. The most important thing? They’re meant to be fun.

“We look at this as something that you can aspire to do...without having to completely alter your life and fitness routine to do it,” Cristina says.

The first race kicked off in the New York/New Jersey area earlier this month and eight more events are planned. To see a full list and sign-up, visit

I’ve got my eye on the SoCal race October 4. Road trip, anyone?