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How we’re celebrating Earth Month

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By Spencer Fraley, Strategic Sourcing, and Jason Walters, Social & Environmental Responsibility

Gap stores are all about “Being Bright.” But they can be bright and green too.

Lighting our thousands of stores around the globe for our six brands is one of the biggest impacts on our power usage and our greenhouse gas emissions.

What may seem like small changes can have big impacts when it comes to our environment. That’s why it’s a priority for Gap Inc. to be on the leading edge of installing energy-efficient LED lights. 

On top of using only about 20 percent of the energy consumed by conventional lights, LED lights last 5-10 times as long and stay much brighter over their long life spans.

And good news is we’ve already surpassed our goal to reduce climate-altering greenhouse gasses output by 20 percent in 2015.

We worked hard to help our store designers and brand teams get comfortable that the new LED lights would give off a soft, natural light and make our clothes look just as good as — or even better than — before.

The result? Close to 30 percent of our U.S. stores have already been converted to energy-saving LED lighting that pays back a handsome return on investment in just two to three years, and greatly reduces our energy usage.

Japan and the U.K. have converted all of their stores to LED lighting. Our stores in China already use efficient lighting, and our team is looking to use LED lights in our expanding fleet there.

Expect us to be shining the light on our environmental and conservation policies throughout the month of April as we celebrate Earth Month.