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How Banana Republic showed True Style on Hollywood’s big night

CompanyAnn Cleveland, Global Media, Banana Republic1 Comment

It may have been Hollywood’s big night, but Banana Republic wanted to be there too to engage with customers a little differently in real-time conversation, as part of our TRUE campaign.

When J-Law tripped (for the second year in a row!), Banana Republic was there, joining Mashable’s #OscarHaiku game, with a “hey girl, we sell flats” tweet. When Kristen Bell quipped about wanting to put a burrito in her purse, BR let her know “burritos are clutch.” There were also in-the-moment sketches of the evening’s best dressed and we were inspired by acceptance speeches from Jared Leto and Lupita Nyong’o.

It was all part of the brand’s effort to connect with award show viewers via a live online experience that included a Twitter chat (cohosted by Lo Bosworth and Jeremiah Brent), a livestream on YouTube and behind-the-scenes goodies on Instagram, live from Hollywood’s A-list viewing party — something Banana Republic has never done before.

With the launch of our TRUE campaign in the beginning of March, we felt this major pop culture moment was a perfect opportunity to celebrate style.

A dozen of us gathered in a sort of “Twitter War Room” Sunday afternoon and into the evening (see photo!). Everyone had their role and responsibility, whether it was to come up with engaging tweets around what celebrities were wearing, doing or saying, or monitoring general buzz.

In the end, we loved the participation. It was so fun, and we will make sure that we keep engaging with our customers in big and relevant ways.