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Gap Inc. employees love the President’s purchases

PeoplePaula Conhain, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

The Obama family is full of influential style icons – who wouldn’t want to rock the same looks that you can buy online or pick up in a store near you?

This week, President Barack Obama surprised Gap store associates at 42nd and Third in New York City for a mini shopping spree. Assisted by the fantastic Susan, the Commander-in-Chief grabbed a GapFit train jacket for the First Lady and Luxlight Cardigans for his daughters.

So naturally, we knew we had to have it. A number of our employees nabbed the Luxlight Cardigan the day after President Obama’s visit and snapped this shot from our San Francisco headquarters.


Do you own the cardigan or the jacket? Share a link to a snapshot of you in the sweater in the comments below so we can see!


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