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Adventure Awaits: Paddington Bear partners with babyGap

DesignPamela Lasner, Gap Brand Communications Comment

He’s always polite, he works really hard… and he never travels without his marmalade sandwiches.

He’s the iconic British storybook character Paddington Bear, and he’s adventuring into babyGap stores across the globe this spring — dufflecoats and wellies included.

I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.  Paddington is loved. He is treasured for his optimism, his sense of fair play, his manners, and of course, his unintentional talent for comic chaos. babyGap has that same sense of optimism, and I think they make a good fit.

More than 35 million books have been sold in 40 languages – he translates everywhere (there’s even a Paddington-themed park in Japan!).

Ranging in size from newborn to 24 months, the limited-edition collection is grounded in denim that features Paddington’s favorite pieces with a Gap twist — from the blue dufflecoat to yellow wellington boots. (The collection will be available this spring at select Gap stores around the world and on

Others here at Gap Inc. are excited, too. Take this comment from employee Sara Smith:

“I had one Paddington doll which was life-sized (about 2 feet tall). As a toddler, I used to actually take his duffle, hat and boots off and parade around the house in them. Many of my favorite memories from my grandparents’ house were in those boots, reading those books together.

“When I found out about the collection, I immediately told my mom (it was her parents who loved Paddington, and who have long since passed away) and we actually shared a tearful but happy moment agreeing that the timing was almost divine (since my little guy is due in just 7 weeks!) and that Grandma is definitely smiling down on us passing on Paddington to another generation.”

In early February, Gap’s flagship store in London and stores across Japan will host Paddington Bear Character & Story Time events, where children can get an illustrated portrait dressed in Paddington’s clothing, and of course, eat marmalade cookies.

As for me, as an adult, I have always gravitated toward Paddington’s coat — I always wanted one just like it. Now if only Gap would make them for women.