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How one Athleta recruiter stays motivated to move during winter

PeopleWendy Mazurk, Athleta recruiter5 Comments

I get it. Winter is tough. Especially during this year of the Polar Vortex.

As a recruiter for Athleta based in Chicago, I chat with people every day who are inspired by our brand and love our high-quality performance product. But even the best–performing Chi Tank or most stylish Chaturanga Tight has nothing on that moment when you wake up, look out the window, and see more snow. If you can even see the snow. As a full-time working mom of a 4- and 6-year-old, I can only get my practice in before the sun and my children rise.

Here are a few ways my friends and I find inspiration:

  1. Set a Challenge – My local studio, Shri Yoga, is offering a challenge to commit to practice 15 or 30 days in 30 days. (Athleta is a sponsor of the challenge, as well!) Seeing the goal on paper, my name on the big board in the studio and knowing that my friends are waiting for me helps push me outside and into the studio. Read more about the challenge here.
  2. Make a Plan – It's always less daunting for me if I plan my practice ahead of time. The night before a yoga class or workout, I plan my schedule and visualize my activity, and hit the hay as early as I can. I commit to a time and place. Leaving it to a last-minute decision makes the motivation to move all the more difficult.
  3. Turn on your TV –OK, stay with me on this one. Usually I'd say turn OFF your TV, but there is obviously so much incredible and inspiring winter sports on primetime right now, I can't help but watch and want to MOVE. My friends and I love this so much that I'll be sharing photos on Twitter of yoga poses inspired by the sports you're seeing on your TV every night this week. Check them out here.

What other ways to you stay motivated to move? 

Throughout the next few days, I'll be taking over the @GapInc Twitter channel to share more tips and tricks and help inspire you to keep moving! Be sure to follow @GapInc and share your own tips and tricks. As always, you can also include them in the comments below.