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Banana Republic’s pioneering Instagram videos

Company, TechnologyTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Banana Republic is breaking new ground in the all-important, oft-dissected digital world, as one of a handful of brands to debut video ads on Instagram – the first and only retailer.

Last week, the social platform debuted 15-second autoplay spots from Banana Republic, Disney, Lancome, Activision and CW, according to AdWeek. The ads began appearing Oct. 30, and will roll out over the coming weeks.

The brand is always pushing to be a first-mover, and to always have that personal touch.

“Our fans love a behind-the-scenes look and this is just another way we can invite them into our creative hub,” said Amy Gilmer, senior manager, Global Social Media at Banana Republic.

The first video flips through design sketches in fast-motion, using an effect made popular by Hyperlapse, Instagram’s first standalone app.

You can see the video here, or above.

This is part of an ongoing relationship with Instagram. In August, Banana Republic launched paid ads on the social platform – one of the first to do so.

“We’ve been testing a number of different creative approaches,” Amy said. “It’s been interesting to see how the Instagram community is responding and what they’re engaging with.”