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Incoming CEO Art Peck on the future of fashion

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“The most exciting time to be in a business in terms of opportunity is when there’s disruption.”

Incoming Gap Inc. CEO Art Peck, chatted with Buzzfeed this week on everything from how the smartphone is the future of fashion and the desk is dead. Here are a few highlights:

Now’s the perfect time to be in fashion. Art said he believes the smartphone and e-commerce are responsible for the industry’s most radical change since the boom of the big-box retailers in the 1950s and ‘60s.

“The collision of digital and physical that [is] going to really redefine the whole customer experience,” Art said. “It’s really going to come down to having the capacity as a company to try different things, to throw some stuff at the wall.”

Product comes first. If a customer doesn’t like a sweater, it doesn’t matter if they can order it online, in store or on a smartphone. The phone “is an enabler but it has to sit on a foundation of consistently great product across all of our brands,” he said.

Inspiration is everywhere. Art said he is constantly looking at customer behavior and new ways to fuse digital and the in-store experience. So he draws ideas from “museums … adapting to the digital age and experiences like a recent meal he ordered and paid for via tablet at a pho restaurant in San Francisco’s East Bay.”

No desk, no problem. “The desk, I think is a residual symbol of power that I don’t feel is really useful in my workplace because it’s a way of putting a barrier between yourself and another person in a lot of respects,” Art said.

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