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Truck ‘knitbombers’ get cozy at Old Navy

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Sister knitters Lorna and Jill Watt spent 140 hours using “every fiber art tool known to man” (bobby pins, thumb tacks, lazy Susans, and college ruled notebooks, included) to create their most ambitious yarnbomb to date: a 1950 Chevy truck at Old Navy’s flagship store in San Francisco.

“We pushed the limits of all our skills to make it perfect and amazing,” Lorna Watt noted on her Knits for Life site. “We are so proud of this project.”

It took 250 feet of Velcro, 30 skeins of Caron One Pound yarn (one skein makes four full-sized scarves), 140 hours of labor– the sisters spent 35 hours on design, 45 hours on construction, and 60 hours on installation– plus four graveyard shifts, to swaddle the 1950 Chevy pickup– known back in the day as “Half-Ton”– in a festive red and white snowflake-pattern knit “sweater.”

One grueling part of the yarnbomb involved programming color work into a computerized bulky knitting machine. “Imagine us sitting for hours, entering those gigantic snowflakes,” Lorna recalled. “Not to mention getting Gothic font right!”

The Old Navy 1950 Chevy Truck knitbomb is around through January.

Next for the sisters Watt: a Manhattan project. Lorna and Jill’s newest holiday yarnbomb will go up at Old Navy’s flagship New York City store on November 20.  “Let’s find out what yarn can do,” says Lorna.

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