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CompanyJennifer Poppers, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

The holiday season is obviously about friends, family, fun and festivities. 

Of course, it’s also about crowds, chaos, and the pressure to find that perfect gift for loved ones.

The last thing I need is to be harried about whether or not I’m going to find that Bombastic Jacket from Athleta my sister-in-law is begging for.

So what’s my merry little trick this year? Right now it’s Gap Inc.’s Order in Store service. It’s another way to shop quickly and easily, ensuring I’ll never have to leave a participating store empty-handed.

Here’s how it works. I walk into an Old Navy store looking for a plaid flannel shirt from their Refinery 29 picks. Instead I find that they’re out of the clearly popular color I had in mind.  I find a sales associate, who simply pulls out a mobile device, scans a similar flannel and within moments finds the size and style I want. From there, she takes a credit card payment, places my order right on the device, and conveniently ships it to my apartment.

Order in Store joins Gap Inc.'s other great services that help me avoid the frenzied Christmas crush, like Find in Store, which allows me to go online and find out if the item I want is available in a store near me, or Reserve in Store, where I can reserve that item at participating stores with just a click of a button.

With Order in Store up and running in about 1,000 U.S. Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta stores, I can count on these brands to be in stock, for whatever I want, more often. What’s more, they can also tell me pricing and promotions info right from the device.

With everything else we’re juggling during this crazy season, being able to order that Crazy Stripe Gap sweater anytime and anywhere for that family gathering will definitely make a difference for my time and sanity. Happy shopping, everyone!