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Marissa Webb – New York City’s next ambassador?

PeopleTanya Hart, Gap Inc. bloggerComment
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We know all about Marissa Webb’s clothes. But did we know that one of her prized possessions is a shark jaw (as in the jaw of a shark)? Or that she was adopted when she was four years old, and raised in Pennsylvania?

This New York Times “What I Love” column on the Banana Republic creative director tells us a little about Marissa the person, if not Marissa the designer. Which we love.

“I came from working in a grocery store in middle school and paying my own way through college,” Marissa says in the story.

During college (she graduated from F.I.T. in 1998), she lived on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and ramen noodles, “because back then they cost four for a dollar. My parents had no extra money to help me out.”

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