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Art Peck and the strength of Gap Inc.

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Staying the course—that’s the message Art Peck shared with investors Wednesday after it was announced he would succeed Glenn Murphy as CEO in 2015.

“Glenn and I have worked together, really, for the better part of a decade,” Art said, adding that this was a well-planned transition. “We are really aligned, shoulder to shoulder, on the opportunity for the company, and the direction for the company.”

In his current role as president of the company’s Growth, Innovation and Digital (GID) division, Art has an incredible view of the industry and, more importantly, how the customer is evolving.

“We are, I believe, a very innovative and progressive company with great technology, but what we are doing today is engaging customers who are changing their behavior. And this is the future of what this industry is all about,” Art said. “I steadfastly believe in stores. I steadfastly believe in digital. And the exciting thing is when stores and digital come together, it creates opportunities for us that we don’t even know about today.”

With the omni-channel strategy in place, Art called out three ways we’re in a position to continue to become the world’s favorite for American style. This includes the strength of our brand portfolio, which includes Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Piperlime and Intermix; our ability to retain and attract great talent globally; an articulated strategy that will move us forward.

“As we bring our e-commerce technology together with our enterprise technology, I can see a path forward where we can deliver capabilities to our customers,” he said, “and capabilities to the enterprise that we were never able to do before.”

The key elements of Art’s company approach will continue to be pursing global growth, investing in the digital strategy and the ways we will bring product to market.

“At our core, we are a product company. And product is tremendously important to our success; emotional, brand-right, on-trend product that our customers fall in love with,” he added. “And that is a theme that you’re going to hear me talk about consistently going forward.”