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#DRESSNORMAL: Finding the local fashion vibe

DesignTighe Flatley, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

It's a pop-up shop for Gap to complicate.

Supporting the brand’s “Dress Normal” fall campaign is The #DRESSNORMAL Project, a travelling shoppable exhibition curated by famed costume designer Trish Summerville (The Hunger Games, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and fashion photographer Tommy Ton. 

The concept? Capture the cultural vibe of distinct cities known for their styles and individualism.

The innovative project married Trish and Tommy’s work with resident creative folks across five locations—including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta and Brooklyn—snapping photos of locals at their “normal.”

In other words, they translated the culture from each of these distinctive cities—where locals hang out, spend time with friends and what they wear—into visuals of people in Gap attire from its Fall collection (some of which could be purchased on the spot).

The results encapsulated just how very different, and special, normal can be. Check out the images yourself at Gap’s Tumblr page.