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How a Banana Republic blazer changed one man

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Editor's Note: Our customers inspire us every day, and we love to hear when we inspire them. With that in mind, we’re sharing a letter written by Koran Bolden, and in it, he tells the story of how a new wardrobe shifted his outlook on life.

My name is Koran Bolden, a national youth motivational speaker and entrepreneur who advocates for kids to graduate from school on time.

Just three years ago, I was a young man who had no interest in putting on a suit and tie or blazer jacket. I wore baggy clothes and baseball caps that caused more hurt to my brand as a business owner than helping it.

That all changed once I met a Banana Republic Factory store associate by the name of Chandra Taylor. She was polite, professional, and helped me try on my first blazer. When I looked at myself in the mirror, my confidence immediately shifted to higher heights. Not only did I begin to look like a young professional, I began to walk, talk, and act like one as well.

At my meetings, I started to receive compliments on my clothes and people started to treat me differently. My business soon flourished and thanks to your store, I have become a city-wide respected entrepreneur and youth advocate for building future business leaders.

Since then, I have been featured in news stories, and have spoken to more than 30,000 youth. Chandra saw beyond the old me, choosing to focus her energy and expertise on the person I could become. She showed me weekly how to present myself as a young person of respect and influence. In media publications where I’ve been featured, I have always modeled the Banana Republic brand and I feel like I'm embedded in the culture of fashion, professionalism, respect, and honor.

Thank you for allowing me to represent the new fashion statement of Young America from Banana Republic.

Koran Bolden

Youth Motivational Speaker and CEO of Street Dreamz Recording Studio