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Gap pops up in Taiwan — for the first time

CompanyTighe Flatley, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

The buzz around the arrival of Gap to Taiwan picked up steam the moment the “Coming Soon” signs went up in mid-November. 

There had already been a lot of speculation and excitement about where the new Gap would be.  Taipei, the capital and largest city in Taiwan was humming with the news. With two floors of Gap Americana marketing imagery and a welcoming “Hello台北” (Hello Taipei), there was no question that Gap was on its way.

“Many people in Taiwan know Gap brand from international travel or from having studied abroad,” says Bobby Tsai, Senior Manager, Real Estate Finance for Gap Greater China and the project lead for Gap’s entry into the Taiwan market.

“Gap already has significant brand recognition in the market. In fact, our brand awareness level in Taiwan is higher than when we entered Hong Kong and mainland China.”

On January 17, a pop-up shop opened its doors to help build excitement. What’s it look like? Naturally, it’s built in the shape of the iconic Gap logo – custom made with blue glass and complete with a DJ spinning music while visitors check out our denim wall and learn about Gap’s rich history.

Gap is such a great fit for Taiwan because, well, Taiwan is a great fit for Gap.

According to Grace Wong, VP of Marketing for Gap Greater China, the Taiwan customer is similar to our target customer worldwide. They are educated and professional, love life, value friends, and are optimistic and confident. While they work hard, they believe in working to live, versus living to work.

The pop-up kicks off a countdown to the first store opening set for early March and located just a stone’s throw from the landmark Taipei 101 building in Xinyi District, the major commercial area of this city of more than 6.5 million people.

Make no mistake — there is excitement around Gap’s arrival in this dynamic market. Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Esquire are among the many media outlets talking to Gap about plans for the market. And at the Gap Greater China headquarters in Shanghai, the team is eagerly anticipating what Gap can do in Taiwan.

“We’re anxious to see all of our hard work take form and ready to see what kind of impact we can make in Taiwan,” Bobby said.

Get ready to say “Hello Taipei!”