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Gap is going ‘Back to Blue’—and TV—this fall.

DesignTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger2 Comments

To say Gap is known for its high-profile TV ads featuring celebrities is an understatement to be sure.

These spots had a way of capturing the feeling of the time, and providing a sense of playfulness and relevance that really stuck with people. Remember Madonna and Missy Elliott? What about Sarah Jessica and Lenny with How Do You Wear It? As for me, I recall walking into my house, grocery bags in hand, when I froze in my tracks, mouth agape at the sight of Audrey Hepburn dancing to ACDC’s “Back in Black” on my TV.

Gap stopped doing television spots in 2009. But they’re back — this time, as part of Gap’s global “Back to Blue” campaign, which is grounded in 1969 denim and iconic layering pieces like denim jackets, sweaters and chambray shirts.

The campaign will launch TV spots in mid-September. We can’t say too much about the ads at this point, but we’re excited, and we’d love for you to stay tuned.

In addition to the ads, the brand will surface digital content daily, hold a first-ever Tumblr Mobile takeover, launch a global street art project, and feature a new installment with looks curated by Jenn Rogien, costume designer for HBO’s “Girls” and NETFLIX’s “Orange is the New Black.” On video, she’ll discuss how she uses clothes to help bring her characters to life, and how everyone can express their personalities and tell their own stories through their clothing choices.

It is the broadest-reaching campaign in the company’s modern history, reflecting the dramatically changing media landscape.

“Back to Blue means getting back to what matters most – our truest selves, when we are most comfortable in our own skin,” said Seth Farbman, Gap’s Global Chief Marketing Officer.

You may have already seen the print campaign, in stores, featuring “Girls” actor Adam Driver, musician Ian Mellencamp, and models Dree Hemingway, Cora Emmanuel and design student/model Khadija Otero. They represent five creative individuals making a name for themselves in fashion, music and TV.

Be sure to check Gap’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr communities, and you can join the conversation with the hashtag #BacktoBlue.

Here is more detail about each part of the campaign.