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How these girl scouts found their inner rock stars at Old Navy

CompanyEdie Kissko, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Imagine a dozen 5-year-old girls crowding together in an Old Navy in Northern California, all raising their hands, standing on tips of their toes, vying to be picked by ON store associate Nancy to answer a question: “Can you guess what some of the sizes are that we offer at Old Navy?”  First child responds: “S for Small!”  Next girl chosen screams: “M for Medium!” And then a third girl is called on and she says: “Size B for BIG!”  

Just another Saturday community group tour of the Hillsdale Old Navy store, this time given to my daughter’s Girl Scout Daisy Troop. I coordinated this excited group of Kindergarteners without knowing that by the end of the tour, I would become the most popular mom in the universe.

Here’s why. Old Navy service and training manager Jaci Henderson coordinated a morning for the group that included a look at all areas in the store, with an age-appropriate overview at each stop. (“What is the weather like?  Should we have sweaters on display or swimsuits?...”) Next the girls got to select outfits to put on the children’s mannequins.  I am sure Maria Sandino, the kids visual merchandiser who led this activity, had never seen such interesting looks put together before. The girls loved dressing the kids in outfits and then seeing them on display.

There was a stock room tour, a snack, a chance at the register...introductions to Edita who worked at the Old Navy for 13 years! Then, the grand finale:  Each girl got to select an outfit for an Old Navy fashion show for the parents. All the Daisies had a blast, strutting to the in-store music while their parents shouted encouragement. Guess what else the parents did? They bought the outfits the kids had on, and a few items for themselves, too. 

I am always proud to work at Gap Inc. but I was especially proud on this day. My neighborhood Old Navy opened itself up to the community and created an indelible memory for these girls, who discovered fashion and their inner rock stars. The parents have raved about this tour and the kids think I am famous for working at Gap Inc. When I presented the girls with their Girl Scout fun patch they had earned, I’m not sure who was happier, me or them.

Check your nearest Old Navy for a community group tour near you.  And huge thanks to Old Navy store #5955 for a great experience.