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Gap’s goes global

Tanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

We launched the Gap program to improve the brand’s style cred by partnering with online content creators who have an audience Gap wants to engage with — namely, fashion, music and lifestyle bloggers.

(Check out the website if you haven’t seen it!)

It’s worked so well that the brand took the program worldwide this summer, with plans to expand to 30 countries by the end of this year.

“It’s an unorthodox approach,” said Rachel Tipograph, Director of Global Digital & Social Media at Gap. “We say to bloggers, ‘Here are our clothes — style them however you want, say whatever you want. The only requirement is that you link to Not only did bloggers embrace the program, shoppers immediately began creating and sharing their own content, and we realized that this wasn’t just something that could work in North America — it could work anywhere.

“People don’t discover style in a linear funnel,” Rachel adds. “It’s much more of a maze, at all times of the day, throughout the world. They’re bookmarking sites, asking friends for opinions across any media — from Pinterest to texting mom.” 

Gap has also enhanced the experience in several ways: You have the option to choose what content you want to see by searching by blogger, country, gender, product or trend. You can shop looks from other countries and access the site through any device.

Gap has also added a new element called “ You,” which enables consumers to tag photos of their looks on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr with the hashtag #styldby. And, shoppers can vote for who styled it better via a casual game within the site.

“We want consumers and employees to know they can be creating content and sharing with us, too,” Rachel said.