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My experiment: Reserve in Store

CompanyAvery Vaught, Gap Inc. blogger 2 Comments

I have a confession to make: I’ve been lusting after those amazing Gap camouflage skinnies ever since they came out last year.

I tried them on when they first came out just before the holidays, but was feeling lazy that day and since there was a long line at the register, I decided to wait and get them later.

Turns out, that was a terrible idea. They sold out immediately.

So when I saw a new version of them appear on this week, I decided to try the new Reserve in Store service currently being tested in San Francisco and Chicago. The program makes it easy for customers to place items on hold at Gap and Banana Republic.

I chose my size online and clicked the Reserve in Store icon, which showed me where they were available near my pre-selected location. I picked a store and entered my name and email. About 20 minutes later, I received an email that my jeans had indeed been reserved for me until the next day.

The next day, excited by the idea that my camo skinnies were patiently waiting for me, I ventured to the Embarcadero Gap in San Francisco. When I walked in, the coveted camo denim was hanging on a designated Reserve in Store rack right next to the counter, waiting for me to try them on.

After I looked around for other fitting room candidates, I tried them on and they were as wonderful as I imagined. The whole process was so simple and easy compared to going to a store and finding out that my size was not in stock, or waiting on hold while a sales associate searched for an item. Now I finally have my camo skinnies and a whole new shopping strategy!

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