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Gap Men’s – What’s Hot for Summer and Cool For Fall

DesignSusan Schena, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

We talk in the fashion world about women’s clothing all the time, but men need love too, right?

So, we thought now would be a great time to talk about trends in men’s style.

This summer, Gap men’s featured shorts, slubby-textured knits and lived-in wovens in colors, prints, and patterns, and plans to slide into fall with a return to simplicity and masculinity.

“For fall, our inspiration was, ‘What do cool, casual, spirited guys want to wear now?’” said Tony Kretten, Gap’s newly appointed vice president of men’s global design.

Tony and Jerry Brandehoff, Gap men’s new vice president of global merchandising, aim to create -- and recreate -- legendary Oxfords, denims, khakis, cords, polos and tees to dress their clientele, as Tony put it, “with subtle sheen.”

Coast-to-coast America influenced the fall lineup. “The nuances of east coast tradition are paired with the ‘California coolness’ of the west,” Tony said.

“We won't shy away from trends,” he added. “But we will filter them through a discerning eye. Our guy will slightly stand out, while totally fitting in.”

Along with its crisp, timeless focus, Jerry said Gap men’s will continue its amped-up color and pattern offerings, particularly stripes.

“Stripes have been crazy” he said. “And guys are taking more risk with color than ever before. Blues are best sellers, from light sky blues, to turqs and deep indigos.”

Men also are zeroing in on “fit” with slimmed-down styling.

“The biggest directional shift we’re seeing is that guys are slimming down on fit. Not skinny, but slimmer,”  Jerry said, noting the success of the Lived-In slim khakis and canvas five-pockets.

Among products slated for fall is the new slim-fit, five-pocket Bedford cord in a range of neutrals.

Men’s will also continue its popular Lived-in, slim-fit khakis, along with new washes in jeans, denim jackets and shirts tied in with fall’s “Back to Blue” campaign.

“Gap men’s,” Tony summed, “will be the next ‘guy’s best friend.’”