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Volunteering on the other side of the globe

PeopleKristen Chew, Manager of Store Operations, Gap2 Comments

Doris and Don Fisher had a vision for Gap to be a company that does more than just sell clothes… this is one reason why I'm so proud to work for Gap Inc.  

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to join the Gap China team. From the day I started, I made it a personal mission to continue to be what's possible once relocating from San Francisco to Shanghai.

One of the first volunteer projects I participated in is Ivy Green Career Day at Gap. Ivy Green is a program that teaches migrant children life skills and the importance of higher education. China’s internal migrant population is quite large as many people come from the countryside to big cities for work opportunities.

I wanted to get involved with Ivy Green because working with underserved youth is something I am very passionate about. 

The look of accomplishment on the students faces when they successfully completed a mock interview in front of all their peers was a memorable moment. Knowing that we inspired the kids to do more and be more despite them not having the same opportunities as other local students is really why I was so proud to be part of this event. Some of the students even asked when they could come back to work with us again. 

Part of growing Gap China is also about showing our local community that we are a company that does more than sell clothes. 

I am so glad that I get to continue to support our founders' vision even while working on the other side of the world.