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What it’s like to be Piperlime’s store manager

PeoplePaula Conhain, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

When Carlos Quinones started his job at the Banana Republic men’s store in New York City, he hoped it would lead to big things.

“I wanted to be part of something high profile,” he said. “Some people shy away from the spotlight, but not me.”

So when the Piperlime popped up in Manhattan in 2010, Carlos, a merchandise presentation manager at the time, immediately fell in love with the brand’s unique aesthetic and mix of high- and lower-priced brands.

As soon as Piperlime announced plans to open its brick-and-mortar location, Carlos knew he had to be there. A friend told him that the company was looking for a new general manager, so he jumped at the chance to apply. He got the job in February—something he says he was able to do thanks to the support of Gap Inc.

“This is an amazing company,” he said. “If you don’t realize that you have the opportunity to come from nothing, to be somebody and to do what you love, then you’re crazy.”

Carlos brought his passion for merchandising and visuals to recreate the online shopping experience for customers in store. He visually captured the website’s style-specific sections, including  the popular Girl on a Budget,  helping to bring to life what makes Piperlime so special.

Carlos works day in and day out to make the Piperlime experience unique for customers and employees alike, instilling the values that makes Gap Inc. the company it is today.

“All of us realize that we are part of something big,” he said. “We are excited to see what the future holds for us and I know we will be a success.”