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Making the Cardi Jacket

DesignAndrea Hicklin, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

I’m all about getting dressed and out the door as quickly as possible in the mornings. The key to my quick routine is to stock my wardrobe with easy-to-style staples that don’t require a lot of fussing. This spring, my go-to item will be Old Navy’s new Cardi Jacket.

The jacket, which launched in select stores and online last week, is available in black, yellow, navy, tan and pink. It’s a perfect transitional piece, adding an essential layer for comfortable and stylish dressing in between seasons.

Michael Ingram Jones, our head of global product design at Old Navy, put things this way: “Old Navy has always been about making the aspirational very accessible. The Cardi Jacket is going to feel as light and unconstructed and as simple as a T-shirt."

Michael and the Old Navy design team were focused on every detail of the jacket, right down to the thickness of the thread.

“It’s a mix of things that make it right,” Michael said. “It’s that great textured fabric and that mix of colors that is really important…we just did the best version of it that was possible.”

The Cardi Jacket will be available for the next six weeks. Watch the video above to learn more about the inspiration behind the piece and see which color is your favorite.