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Gap + the Toronto International Film Festival for Kids

CompanyVictoria Kirk, Gap Inc. blogger 2 Comments
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Whenever I meet a mom in my Gap PR job, you can usually bet she’ll ask how her little one can become a GapKids model. I’ve often thought about why that is.

I think it’s about a great opportunity, but also having their child enjoy a fun, memorable experience with a much-loved brand. That got me thinking about creating more of those experiences and, well, Tiff Kids .

A global leader in children’s cinema and a property of TIFF, one of the world’s top film festivals, it seemed only natural for GapKids to get involved and sponsor Tiff Kids Opening Night in mid-April.

Located in downtown Toronto, it also connected us with our customers in a localized, culturally relevant way.  Plus, the movie premiere was amazing – an animated Canadian film called The Legend of Serila.  

The Gap PR team ramped up to the big night by first kicking off a social media contest for a chance for three families to win Opening Night tickets and have their children outfitted in the GapKids Spring collection.

Then, we started thinking about the pre-movie party at the Tiff Bell Lightbox, where the movie premiered. What could we do to make it super-fun? We decided to recreate the A-lister experience, inviting hundreds of parents and kids to strike a pose with on the GapKids red carpet before heading into the movie.

They loved it. I have to admit, so did I. That night, everyone was a GapKid.

TiffKids attendees get ready to strike a pose.JPG
Attendees striking a pose.JPG