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Everyone’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed band

PeopleLiz Nunan, Gap Inc. blogger3 Comments

Leather pants, ripped t-shirts, spiked heels....maybe not things I would wear to my day job doing Public Relations at Gap, Inc.  

But by night, when I sing in a San Francisco-based band called Talk Tonight, the door for style is wide open.

At a recent live show, the band was spotted and subsequently sponsored to record one of our original songs in studio with a producer. The song is now done (super excited), so the next step is to get it out there! But, the band knew before we could start promoting, there was one thing we were desperately needing - a “look.”

Being a group of six, we all had different opinions on which way to go – Rock? Dressed up classy? Hipster? What? We needed to look polished but still look like us.

Then I remembered that Banana Republic offers on-site stylist services and immediately made an appointment with the stylist at our flagship store in San Francisco, Nanci, to see if she could help a band out. She said she would, so one recent Saturday, all of us met at the store to get our new look.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but were blown away with what was prepared for us. Nanci did her homework! She knew who each one of us was upon arrival because in preparation for our appointment she listened to our music, watched our videos on YouTube and got to know our personalities on our Facebook page.

Nanci had reserved a wing of private dressing rooms so each of us had our own room with thoughtful, pre-selected looks based on what instrument we play and our role in the band (comfy sleeves for our drummer and show-stopping gold pants for the lead singer). By the end of the day, all six of us left with multiple new looks that we can’t wait to show off on stage.

So next time you’re in San Francisco, come see us rockin’ our new look at our next show , or listen to our new song

PHOTO: (clockwise) Pat (brown textured full zip sweater, gray Heritage slim cords), Frank (weekend orange & blue plaid short sleeve shirt, Heritage premium slim 101 selvage jean), Jason (navy Heritage button funnel neck sweater), Liznavy & white lattice peplum top, fuscia Hampton capri pant), Christian (white weekend  short sleeve stretch shirt, gold spring Emerson chino, navy & white polka dot tie), Marie (black Monogram sleeveless shawl shell, red woven full mini skirt, blush Kate platform heels)