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District Attorney and Gap Inc. do what’s right for youth

CompanyCourtney Wade, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

At Gap Inc., we believe in investing in the communities in which we live and work. But what does that really mean for me as someone who works here?

On January 31st, I got to see firsthand what an individual can do to make a difference. I joined fellow employees to attend a mentoring event held by San Francisco’s District Attorney, George Gascón, and his African-American Advisory Committee along with Bay Area companies, like Gap Inc. Given that it was the last day of National Mentoring Month and there are more than 1,000 youths in San Francisco waiting for a mentor, it seemed like a natural fit for our company.

But it was meeting with the organizations and hearing firsthand accounts from mentees that really struck a chord.

An hour a week might seem like a big time commitment, but when you hear how that one hour has been the difference between two different life paths? It now seems like the easiest commitment to make.

Not only did we leave with information on mentoring for ourselves and to share with our coworkers, but I left understanding what it means to work at Gap Inc. I now see it in the time we’re given to volunteer, our company-matched donations and the fact that we’re always encouraged to find new ways to help out in our communities, like this mentoring opportunity. 

I now really appreciate Doris and Don Fisher’s words, “Let’s do more than sell clothes.”

Click on the links below to find out how you can become a mentor or learn more about the organizations we visited with:

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