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Banana Republic is Perfectly Suited For Virgin America Airline Video

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Paired with Tailored Slim suits from Banana Republic, airplane flotation devices have never looked better.

The brand dressed five “rapping robots” for Virgin America’s newly released in-flight safety video, a spirited song-and-dance remix that puts a bouncy spin on those routine “how to wear a seatbelt” and “look for the nearest exit” instructions.

The video, which features American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance alumni, has pulled in 4.5 million views on YouTube since launching Oct. 29, not to mention a callout on NPR.

It showcases five shades-wearing gents, identically decked in white shirts, ties and Tailored Slims, demonstrating how to use the neon-yellow, inflatable life vests in a robotic pop-and-lock routine.

This isn't the first time Banana Republic and Virgin America have partnered to bring fashion to 35,000 feet -- the crew has been sporting Banana Rebublic-designed uniforms since last summer and they surprised customers with an in-flight Mad Men fashion show in early 2012.

The video will screen on all flights beginning this month, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think. Tell us in the comments!