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Orange is the New Black, HBO’s Girls… and Gap

DesignLiz Nunan, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Gap’s program is known for partnering with popular and inspirational style icons, and the brand’s most recent collaboration is no exception.

As part of the brand’s “Back to Blue” campaign, Gap partnered with Jenn Rogien, costume designer for HBO’s GIRLS and NETFLIX's Orange is the New Black for a video series and exclusive customer events.

We recently had a chance to chat with Jenn about what inspires her and how she uses wardrobe to tell a story.

While the characters she dresses may be supremely flawed and complex, she wouldn’t have it any other way.  She loves dressing interesting characters and shares their stories through looks – not words.

“We are visual creatures as human beings. A first impression of a character gives the audience as much information as you will need without them having to say a word,” Jenn said. “Style expresses how you see yourself, how you see the world – it conveys everything.”

These words are not only true for “Girls” character Hannah Horvath and “Orange’s” Piper Chapman, these words are true in everyday life too.

“Personal style is self expression. It’s about telling your own story –and what story do you want to tell?” said Jenn. “Your style choices might not be the ‘best,’ but they are interesting and that is what personal style is all about.”

Both “Girls” and “Orange is the New Black” are known for their realistic, gritty take on life, which is reflected in the authenticity of the costumes Jenn creates.

When asked about what she thinks about denim, specifically Gap denim, (first of all, she loves working with denim) she thinks denim is a building block – you can keep it classy, casual and it can help you express view points.

Her secret to denim? Look for something that makes you feel comfortable.

“Look for a pair with details. It’s those little details that make you feel awesome.”

Over the past two months, Jenn has been holding Q&As at Gap stores across the globe.

“I’ve been to London, New York and LA – it’s been so fun and great to connect with fans of the shows I work on, and the fans of Gap. It’s the conversations with these fans that inspire me to do more with the characters that I dress.”

Look for Jenn’s videos on Gap’s site, and when you pick out your outfit for work tomorrow ask yourself – what story do I want to tell today?