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Interbrand: Gap is a most valuable brand

CompanyEdie Kissko, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

In 1792, a handful of stockbrokers gathered outside 68 Wall Street in New York City under a buttonwood tree to sign an agreement that would establish the rules for buying and selling bonds and shares of companies.  That’s how the New York Stock & Exchange (NYSE) was born.

Fast forward to 2013 and the NYSE is one of the best-known financial industry brands in the world. So, it’s fitting that the NYSE was the location for an Executive Marketing Summit hosted by brand consultancy Interbrand, which this month named Gap one of the Best Global Brands (100) in its 14th annual survey that identifies the most valuable brands in the world.  

Gap brand’s Seth Farbman headlined the Summit’s keynote panel, alongside other global chief marketing officers (CMO) moderated by CNBC anchor Kelly Evans. 

Speaking on the panel, Seth said, “Our brand increased five percent in value (in this year’s survey).”

“What I am especially proud of, is that we’ve improved by being more ‘Gap’…not trying to be different…but instead looking to leverage (the brand) differently, finding new places to share it….We have an incredible runway ahead .”

When asked by an audience member about Back to Blue commercials, and if they are aimed at a younger consumer, Seth responded, “Yes. But what I love about the commercials is that they are cross-generational, and we are a cross-generational brand.  We (appeal to youth), to people who are 100 years old … We take what is familiar to some of us and put into context of today.”

We are honored that Gap brand is again on Interbrand’s list of best global brands.

(Below, Seth Farbman rings closing bell at NYSE on Wall Street, NYC, Sept. 30, 2013. Photo by Ben Hider Photography).