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Do More. Wash Less

DesignDanie Taylor, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

It’s an approach to being more environmentally friendly that’s as easy as “1,2,3.” It starts with a team at Gap, determined to make a difference while maintaining quality. And it ends at your house. 

Step One: Ask ‘What Can We Do?’

Todd DellAquila, a senior merchandiser with Gap says it started simply enough. “We asked ourselves ‘how can we make a positive difference? What can we do?’” On the idea of being environmentally responsible, Todd said “We’ve always been a company that tries to give back and to improve the way we do things.”  

Gap introduced a collection of recycled denim - for men and women - in select North American stores and online. The jeans are made with 30 percent recycled cotton; old jeans and t-shirts were broken up and re-woven with the same look and feel as other 1969 denim. 

Step Two: Make Positive Changes

Gap’s 1969 denim team is exploring another positive development, a process called “wise wash.” Jeans are washed in cooler water, a method that generates less runoff.  Dropping the water temperature can also reduce energy consumption and make a positive environmental impact.  Change is good. 

Step Three: Leave it up to you

You’re going to start to see some new advice on the inside of your 1969 jeans. “Do more, wash less.” Denim isn’t meant to be worn once and washed. It has more character than that. Denim (especially in our case) has its own history.  Grab your denim and make it your own. You can do more. And wash less.