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A 100 Percent Recycled Gift

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

When I was a kid, my mom used to wax philosophical about the importance of recycling and being “good to the Earth.” But that’s often where the conversation ended.  We didn’t have three color-coded bins that helped you determine what goes where and what was better, or worse, for our planet.

That’s all changed today. Words like “sustainability” and “greening” are part of our cultural lexicon, even as we quietly wonder what we’re supposed to do every day to become, well, greener. But the better message may be this: as we consume things, are we making good – or even conscious – decisions around our environment?

In this case, the little things always count. Case in point: Gap was our first brand to introduce a recycled plastic gift card, back in ’07, and has upped the ante with its current card – one that’s made of 100 percent recycled paper. These cards, unlike their plastic cousins, can be tossed into your recycling bin with all the other stuff.

Even if you didn’t recycle these cards, they’ll naturally degrade – leaving no toxic chemicals or residue behind. The paper mill that produces them for Gap, and the printer that prints them, are Forest Stewardship Council certified.

Gap’s cards also promise to “Give Twice,” because part of the proceeds benefit one of two nonprofit organizations. (This is just one small example of our company’s promise to “do more than sell clothes.”)

 As it turns out, January is a big month in the world of gift cards – either from holiday shoppers redeeming their shiny new rectangular gifts … or misplacing them, often forever.

So … start putting those gift cards to use and, when you’re done, I’m sure you know where they belong (wink, wink).