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Let's Gap Together

CompanyDanie Taylor, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

For two years, “Let’s Gap Together” has been the campaign that’s represented Gap in China.  It celebrates individuality and the unique forms of self-expression that unite people around the world, epitomized through strong images shot by Annie Leibovitz.

 While we were opening more than two dozen stores across China, “Let’s Gap Together” was showcasing directors, artists, musicians and environmentalists - all people who live their passions, even if it meant stepping off the beaten path.

The campaign is in its last phase, with the final images going public. The first features social networkers Daniel Wu and Biz Stone. Daniel is an actor/musician, who has an established network for other artists to keep in touch and collaborate. Biz is the co-creator of Twitter. It’s safe to say that together, these two help the world stay connected.


The final image is (hands down) my personal favorite. It shows two little girls. They’re not famous, and haven’t changed the world (yet). They represent the future.

So thanks, “Let’s Gap Together,” for bringing Gap to China, and for making the world a little smaller. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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