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The Inspiration of Be what’s possible

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She’s a person who sees a bright future for young people in her community. She also knows this dream will become reality, because she’s working to make it come true. Gap France leader Severine Cisinski does not allow “I can’t” or “I don’t” into her vocabulary. She believes in the Gap Foundation mantra - Be what’s possible. We asked Severine what that mantra means to her.

Be what’s possible is an appeal to challenge, an appeal to dare, in order to go out of our own limits to realize that we can do more for ourselves by doing for others.

Be what’s possible is a call and a vibrant shouting of hope, encouraging us to face our realities and not just expecting that someone else will take care of them for us.”

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Severine is a Senior Director for Gap France. She’s also one of The First 35 being honored during Gap Foundation’s 35th Anniversary. The First 35 are the people who represent the first 35 years of possibilities for Gap Foundation.

Severine works with L’AJE Paris. For the last five years, she’s helped the organization with its mission to help children and young adults (ages 7 – 25) succeed in school and beyond. Gap France employees volunteer their time and their skills, mentoring younger students and offering resume advice for older ones.

Severine says she could not have the same positive impact on her community without Gap or Gap Foundation. She credits the company with “developing our consciousness and giving us the space to work for the community.” And quotes our co-founder, Doris Fisher, saying “our stores are stores with hearts.”

That’s the sentiment that motivates Gap Inc. employees around the world. But don’t (just) take our word for it. Below, hear from other employees, as they share what Be what’s possible means to them.