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An appreciation for eGift Cards

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Gift cards. For a lot of years, I knew them in only one way: whenever I got one, I’d obsessively, even compulsively, spend it as quickly as possible.

I’d often rationalize that, if I lost it, it would be almost tragic. So, consume. Anyhow, a lot’s changed – many gift cards are not only recyclable, but the big trend is sending a personalized card with just a few thumb-swipes.

Recently, Gap Inc. Direct (our online business) accepted an award from the Incentive Gift Card Council for its innovative partnership with CashStar. The deal: they created an easy, personalized eCard mobile site so that shoppers can use their tiny digital screens to buy and send gifts … and the experience was as easy as shopping on larger screens.

A trend

It’s a new trend: creating a good (stick with me as I get a little tech-geek) mobile-optimized shopping experience for people buying eGifts. To do it well means your experience is similar to more traditional shopping and that you still have options to personalize and customize the message.

The award included how Gap marketed this option over the holidays, in which its store windows shouted, “Gift it up.” A QR code in the window gave shoppers a chance to scan to buy eGift cards.

In other words … no long lines in the store and no one needs to know that you finished your “gifting” in mere seconds. Now, off to get rid of this card burning a crater in my wallet …