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The New Runway is at 37,000 Feet

DesignCourtney Wade, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

It was one of those comments that immediately caught my attention: a flight attendant said that she felt like she could do yoga in her new outfit. Yes, you read that right—yoga.

Yep, excitement was in the air and at San Francisco International Airport on Aug. 8 (and not simply because I was headed to Los Angeles for warmer weather). The Virgin America crew was debuting their new uniforms created by Banana Republic designers.

I also heard a flight attendant say, “How much do you love the new uniforms?” 

The Virgin America gate team shouted back, "Love them!"


Long gone are the days when ill-fitting polyester outfits ruled the tarmac. I work in government and public affairs—I’m not a designer—but it doesn't take one to see that the new uniforms allow crew members to flaunt their individual style. 

And it didn’t matter the item; the Virgin America team seemed ecstatic to be wearing the new Banana Republic clothes.

One crew member commented that he had walked around in front of the competitor’s gates just to show off the new attire. The clothes are that jealousy-inducing.

And just when I thought flying couldn’t be this much fun, a Banana Republic team showed up for merchandise giveaways for passengers waiting at their gate. To claim one of the free items, a frenzied man sprinted—bags wildly flailing behind him—across the terminal to show that he was wearing a Banana Republic sweater. And when he succeeded in getting his free stuff? Everyone at the gate clapped.

It seems that Banana Republic and Virgin America have brought fun and fashion back to travel.