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Banana Republic Brings Fashion, Fun Back to Flying

DesignTanya Hart, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment


When I think of standard airline uniforms, I think of itchy blazers and a sad sea of Navy and white. But Banana Republic and Virgin America are partnering to spice things up a little bit — to put the fabulous back into flying.

The airline’s 2,000 flight crew staffers will debut chic new Banana Republic-designed uniforms on August 8, which also happens to be the airline’s fifth birthday.

Designers were inspired by the Bravo TV show “Project Runway,” and a held little friendly, in-house competition.

In this behind-the-scenes video, five-person teams, made up of Banana Republic designers who had likely never worked together before, had to come up with an entire collection lightning fast — in about a day and a half — and then present to a three-judge panel.

The new fashions will feature key pieces like silk print scarves, pencil skirts and bright trenches for women and leather jackets, lined mac coats and striped-sleeve sweaters for men. 

 It’s about recapturing some of the romance and style of 1960s jet-setting, but it’s also about function and comfort. In all, it took about 18 months to design the new uniforms. So take note later this summer of that fashionable attendant when you order that airline cocktail!