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Taking a Stand and Steps at AIDS Walk

CompanyPaula Conhain, Gap Inc. blogger3 Comments

Coming to Gap Inc. and fitting in with the company’s values has been a walk in the park – literally.

Sunday, at AIDS Walk San Francisco I laced up my shoes along with more than 650 coworkers including our CEO, Glenn Murphy  (2nd from the left) and 15,000 other excited early morning walkers. 

We wound through Golden Gate park as the sun tried to peek out of the morning fog. Together, all of the AIDS Walk SF participants raised more than $2.6 million dollars to benefit local AIDS organizations that provide care for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as HIV prevention services.

I’ve only been a member of the global communications team for about four months, but I’ve already learned about Gap Inc. employees’ countless efforts to support our communities all over the world - from volunteering in orphanages in China to building homes for Habitat for Humanity near Fishkill, New York.

I can’t say I was in the front of the pack, but, from where I was in the group, seeing thousands of us, walking in the same direction for one cause, was truly inspirational.

It really made me think:  How can I do more? 

The AIDS Walk is important—but it is only one day. If we each spend even a small amount of time giving back all year to the causes that matter in our own communities, we can make a huge impact. Sure, life gets crazy and busy, and finding the time to volunteer can be difficult, but like walking a 10K, making a difference takes just one step at a time.