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Old Navy styles for the stampede

DesignDanie Taylor, Gap Inc. blogger1 Comment

Old Navy is looking westward as it stakes its claim on the next denim frontier. Out in the land of cattle ranches, oil rigs, and corporate cowboys, there is a penchant for denim-related style. We’re talking about Western Canada, where denim is more than fashion; it’s part of the culture. Once a year, people from across Canada, and around the globe, wear that cultural pride on their sleeves (and rear-ends) at the Calgary Stampede.

For those who may not be in the know, the Calgary Stampede (July 6-15) is an extended rodeo celebration, punctuated with parties, high profile musical performances and festivities aplenty. It brings out local Calgarians of all ages and draws worldwide tourists, local socialites, scenesters and everyone in between.

Denim (and even denim-on-denim) is a Stampede staple. It’s also one of the key categories of the Old Navy Brand. And so, out in the land of designer jean retailers, Old Navy used the days leading up to the 100th anniversary of Stampede to show Calgary influencers and consumers where to find perfect-fitting, stylish denim for less. (Watch a video of the event.)

TV personalities, fashion bloggers and the city’s who’s who were invited to a pre-Stampede cocktail party at the city’s hot new Model Milk. That’s where Old Navy and stylist Kim Flanagan showed the group just how to do Western right. Meanwhile, a team of iPad-armed Fitologists helped them shop their perfect fits while Photostar snapped them striking poses that were uploaded to Facebook or Twitter.

In all, more than 80 people were outfitted ahead of this year’s stampede, taking something that’s a part of our brand, and a part of their culture, to find a perfect fit for every body.