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Old Navy says “Konnichiwa!”

CompanyLorenzo Moretti, International Operations1 Comment

At 10 a.m. on Thursday 12 July, I stood with a phenomenal team in the DiverCity shopping mall in Tokyo, and cut a ribbon to officially open our first-ever Old Navy store outside of North America!  Proud moment?  Yes, very!  We even streamed the moment live to our employees around the world – cool, huh.

Before we opened, we had a few minutes to thank the team for delivering such an amazing looking store.  Everyone was in high spirits and full of energy – and the “Old Navy jump” performed by the whole team will go down in history.

As we threw open the doors, we were met with hundreds of customers.  It didn’t take long for the store to reach its capacity – a staggering 500 customers.  And, we still had a queue wrapped around the mall!  Customers were going crazy for our product, especially our special edition Old Navy Tokyo t-shirt.  The energy and buzz in the store was amazing.  Throughout the day, there were long queues at the tills and fitting rooms, but it didn’t stop our new customers enjoying the fun and unique Old Navy experience.

Before I arrived at the store in the morning, I was watching Fuji TV where our much anticipated Old Navy debut was featured on the news BEFORE Justin Bieber’s Japan tour.  You can’t get better than that – the arrival of our iconic brand ranking ahead of Bieber’s.  After all, we had a spaceman, cowboy, cheerleader and a footballer – our own iconic American Old Navy characters – adding to the brand’s unique fun factor for the store opening.

After the amazing events of today, Old Navy has definitely arrived in Japan!  It was so much bigger than any of us imagined or could’ve dreamed of. 

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