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Let's Gap Together in China

CompanyDanie Taylor, Gap Inc. blogger2 Comments

It seems like just a few posts ago, we were telling you about our 20th store in China. But that’s so four stores ago.

We’ve now reached 23 stores and are in seven cities across the country.

That’s quite a bit of “East Meets West” style. Still, despite two-dozen stores over the last eighteen months, we’re just getting started. China is a unique country, experiencing an explosion of individuality. That’s one of the most important things we noticed. And since Gap has always supported the idea of individual expression, it was only natural that we Gap, together.

The “Let’s Gap Together” ad campaign started in 2010, as we were opening our first store in China. It’s a series of photos by Annie Leibovitz, containing a message which goes much deeper than what you might notice at first glance.

Yes, instead of one model, there are two. But they’re not just models. They’re musicians, bloggers and artists, all chosen for their distinct personality and style, then paired with a counterpart from halfway around the world. They’re people known for embracing their personal passions in their own ways.

But more than a different look, “Let’s Gap Together” represents a change in perception in China. It symbolizes stepping off the beaten path for the sake of self-expression. The creative minds behind the campaign say the idea was to show the evolution and convergence of Western and Asian cultures, and that the passion to express our individuality is something we all have in common.