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The Big 2-0 for Gap China

CompanyAbinta Malik, SVP, Gap Online2 Comments

While Gap Inc. has been busy popping up new stores all over the world, its newest locale definitely nails the cool factor. We’re talking Guinness Book of World Records cool.

Mong Kok, Hong Kong—the home of Gap’s landmark 20th store in China—has the highest population density in the world! With nearly 130,000 people per square kilometer, it’s as vibrant, dynamic, (and crowded) as a city gets. And what better, more exciting place on the planet to mark the brand’s 20th milestone?

Jeff Kirwan, chief operating officer for Greater China, experienced the active city and opening first-hand:

“Mong Kok is a very dynamic shopping and entertainment area for both locals and tourists, with high foot traffic. Customer response during the opening days indicates that Gap Mong Kok could well become one of our consistently top performing stores.”

Personally, I’m not one for big crowds, but with Gap Mong Kok’s three, spacious stories of retail breathing space - I think I could handle a little shopping in one of the most exhilarating places on Earth. Plane ticket, please!