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T, the Glorious T

CompanyCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. blogger3 Comments

The T has always been this little arm-holed canvas of personal expression – surprisingly cool even in its most basic incarnation, occasionally bold and colorful, but always necessary.

In recent seasons, it seems, the T has been overlooked by all this skinny and colored denim and jeggings and trends leaning toward more polished, “Mad Men” looks and … everything. No longer.

Gap is giving the T-shirt a big canvas, a return to its rightful place in the sun. I’m digging the creativity behind Gap’s – well, the technical words is “installations” – but let’s say, giant outdoor billboards. These ads, like the one above, from NY, are composed of, on average, 146 real T-shirts – all sprayed with silicone to beat back the weather.

There are 11 billboard locations set up around the country; one of them has 262 Ts, artfully arranged, forming their illustrious T shape, daring you to try one on (climbing gear not required). In total, that’s 2,000 T-shirts, in a range of styles, a chance for the T itself to stand tall and express its own individuality.

There is a POINT to this work, of course. While they’re fun attention-getters, these installations are reminders that Gap’s new Ts are bold and colorful and come in a lot of different fits – which, come to think of it, sums up Gap’s own heritage quite nicely …