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Why Being Green is Good for Gap Inc. Business

CompanySabrina: Gap Inc. EVP, CFOComment

Sustainably-grown produce, organic skin care, and other eco-friendly vendors sharing samples of their wares …  That’s what’s in store at today’s Gap Inc. annual Green Festival held at our headquarters in San Francisco. 

At Gap Inc., “Do What’s Right” is the foundation of how we operate.  We try to make every day Earth Day in our stores and offices around the globe – and it’s not only because we care about the planet…it’s also good for the bottom line. 

We’ve set an important public goal to reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in our U.S. operations by 2015.  Achieving this target will require effort companywide – everything from using alternative technologies to simply turning off appliances that aren’t in use.

Every employee can make an impact toward meeting our goal.

These are tips we share with our store employees – and they’ll work for you too:

Keep it low – turn lights off when you’re not using them.  (By doing this, our stores can each save 100 pounds of carbon per day, which is equivalent to the emissions of a car driving 150 miles!)

Keep it cool – Temperatures should be kept between 74F (for cooling) and 68F (for heating).   If you’re still cold – grab an Old Navy fleece or a cardigan from Banana Republic.  If you’re hot, stick to a Gap “T.”  

Keep it efficient – All computers, monitors, and music players are turned off when not in use in our stores.  That’s because equipment’s sleeping mode still draws electricity.

We know that being Green is the right thing to do for the Earth and it’s good for our Gap Inc. shareholders, too – what a win/win!