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Gap Inc. Named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies

PeopleGeorge Dooley, VP-CFO. Global Supply Chain, Gap Inc.Comment

At Gap Inc., to “Do What’s Right” is foundational to how we operate. It is core to our values, a cherished legacy from Don and Doris and is fundamental to how we conduct ourselves with our customers, suppliers and other global partners.  Although we take pride in that every day, it is gratifying when our commitment is recognized.

Recently, the Ethisphere Institute noted Gap Inc. as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies.  Articles in Women’s Wear Daily and the Ethisphere Institute provide details of why we were honored and what this means for the fashion industry.

We don’t take this recognition lightly. We know that corporate ethics are critically important as companies like ours expand globally. We are citizens of the world and how we do things is as important, maybe more important in this increasingly complex global environment, than what we do.  For more than 40 years, as a company we have believed that introducing innovative ideas that benefit people where we do business is not just a good thing to do - It’s how to grow a global business fueled by passionate employees, global partners and loyal customers.

We thank the Ethisphere Institute for the honor and congratulate Patagonia, eBay, Timberland, Starbucks, Safeway and the rest of our friends who made the list!