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How to be bright

DesignCorey Lyons, Gap Inc. bloggerComment

Be Bright, OK? That’s all we’re asking.

I know, I know – the world, here and there, is a bit mad with stress and far too much inane news about Beyonce’s baby and Peyton Manning’s contract … wait. I won’t be dragged over there.

Sometimes you just need to stroll into a store and pick out some (bright) clothes that can start to, I don’t know, transport your mood … if that means a pair of skinny Fuchsia jeans, great.

Our PR team, for Gap, in Canada, recently promoted the “Be Bright” collection in stores with, not necessarily in this order, special event shopping parties, an advance movie-screening for “Friends with Kids,” and of course denim in every hue.

In other words, as a blogger from Toronto’s hipster site,, put things, it’s time for “happy clothes.”