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Why Your (Stylish) Socks Matter

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It's pretty awe-inspiring living and working in such close proximity to Silicon Valley’s most innovative tech start-ups. And I'm sure innovation and creativity breeds the same energy in pockets all over the globe.

Thanks to a recent NYT article, we now have a glimpse into what really gives those creative entrepreneurs a leg up: Socks!

But we’re not talking just any old sole covering threads. From classically cool stripes, polka dots, and geometric patterns to flamboyantly-colorful footwork, we finally get where those geeky computer guys have been hiding their fashion flair.

Whether punching up California casual sweats or the obligatory seal-the-deal suits, screamy socks (think: hot pink, red and purple, or even ones that say “bacon”) have been spotted on execs from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, just to name a few. And the techies dig showing off their artful ankles – through social media, of course. Pretty sure this could be a global phenomenon.

So I guess that’s the secret sauce: A little shot of style and you’ve got the world at your feet.