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Gap fuels my Threadless love

DesignDanielle Samaniego, Gap Inc. BloggerComment

This comes as no surprise to my friends and family, but I’m here to tell you—I have a serious Threadless shirt addiction.

Since discovering the graphic T-shirt site through a friend, I have been building a steady collection of Threadless gems over the years that have catered to my inner pop-culture vulture. From my Spoilt shirt AND hoodie to the E.T. homage, it’s gotten to the point where many have said to me, “D, it’s time to step away from the Threadless…”

So imagine my joy (and the chagrin of my loved ones) when I learned that my two worlds were planning to “Make Great Together” this Spring. For me, the partnership between Gap and Threadless will basically insure that I will, in fact, not be stepping away from this habit any time soon.

Being able to shop for that perfect shirt and a pair of 1969 jeans in the same location and rock that style openly on the job? Sorry friends, my love will go on.