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Gap’s creative inspiration comes from around the globe

PeoplePam Wallack, EVP, Gap Global Creative CenterComment

I stepped into a new role at Gap last year, launching the creative epicenter for our brand. In the early months of Gap’s Global Creative Center, we put the past behind us and focused on our bright future. We started cultivating an environment where creativity could flourish and moments of brilliance could be had.

But our creativity doesn’t just come from inside four walls.   I’m constantly reminded that great inspiration comes from all over the world. Our Merchandising teams are shopping alongside customers in Paris. Our Designers are inspired by brilliantly colored textiles from around the world. Our 1969 teams are visiting fabric mills in their Los Angeles neighborhood to see the very latest denim textures and hand-feels. Even my morning train ride into Manhattan is full of great people-watching and ideas.

We are at our best when we’re experiencing the world and absorbing new perspectives and ideas. Then, we come back to our creative hub to inspire new Gap products. 

Under Glenn’s direction, we’ve built on this “outside in” inspiration through the concept of Creative Advisors.  Tracy Gardner came back to Gap in an advisory capacity and is already working side-by-side with our talented Design team to bring a fresh voice and perspective to the table. We recently announced that Liz Meltzer joins our global team as the SVP of Gap International Merchandising bringing 20 years experience across multiple countries and brands, including Banana Republic. 

From the markets of Morocco to the subways of New York and new voices within our team, our inspiration fuels the optimistic and bright point of view that our customers want from us. We couldn’t be any more passionate about delivering casual, American style, and we’ll continue living outside our four walls to bring this to life.